Privacy Policy

Here at, we recognize the importance of protecting the privacy of certain information that we may collect from our users via this website. This policy outlines the type of personal information we may receive, collect and use from our website.

Information we Collect

We collect two types of information from our visitors. The first type is from Users who submit contact information to use via web forms and registration on our website and via phone calls/text message initiated by our visitors. Information collected includes but not limited to contact information and property addresses.


We also collect aggregated tracking data from our website. This data is mainly used to provide us feedback on which pages are being viewed more than others.

How we Collect the Data

We collects data from users who submit their contact information on our registration and contact forms and conversations initiated via social media. 


Our website also uses cookies and other technologies on our website to help improve our visitors experience and provide better customer service when errors occur.

How we use this information

The use of your information depends on the services and methods used to collect the information.



Home Valuations: When visitors submit property addresses for valuations number (with or without contact info), we will conduct a detailed property tax record search to verify owners and will be contacted by a professional Realtor sales associate from our brokerage or a business partner (referring Broker) who can better suit your needs due to geographic area.



Referrals: Consumers requesting housing information outside of our “normal” service area may be referred a local agent from a different Broker. We will inform you of the cooperating real estate broker in your requested area that will be contacting you. Additionally, we may provide your information to our preferred service providers (i.e. mortgage rep, staging expert, etc.) if you are in need of their professional assistance and request it.



Contact Methods: The contact method will depend on the information submitted by the visitor by phone, email or regular mail. Preferred method of contact is by phone, if a number is provided. A website visitor who submitted their contact information can request to be removed from our contact database at any time simply by emailing us at with a written request.



Legal: and its partners abides by all Federal, State and Local laws. We will not spam your email account and require double opt-in subscriptions to our email lists. also adheres to the “Do Not Call” policies. Users submitting their phone number either verbally through conversation or via a web form or email gives us permission to call even if their number is on the official “Do Not Call” list.